Cool Product Add Ons

Turn her into a Tranny!

Only compatible for dolls with a removable vagina. You can insert this add-on penis and she will become a shemale!

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Standing Feet

A standing foot has been redesigned and reinforced, giving all dolls with "Standing Feet" the ability to stand on her own allowing for more positions and fun!

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See our beautiful big tits Aki.

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Get a Free Quickshot Vantage

Get a Free Quickshot Vantage

We would like to start our Count Down to Black Friday with this tight and exxxquisite gift. 
2018 Holiday Giveaway

2018 Holiday Giveaway

Sign up to WIN a Real Sex Doll from "THE PERFECT GIRLFRIEND Co" Valued between $600-$1500.

Brand vs Generic

Did you know that there are Brand Name Sex Dolls and Generic Sex Dolls?

Beware who you get your beauty from.

We provide reputable brand name designers like WM, 6YE, JY, SY, YL and DS. These are the highest quality sex dolls on the market, even though our generic models are good, if you are looking for detail and durability you will want to go for a designer doll.

All of our factories  make their products exclusively in TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer). The dolls are built from a steel articulated skeleton. 

All materials complied with the National Health & Safety Standards, they are harmless to human and environment-friendly.

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