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Brand vs Generic

Did you know that there are Brand Name Sex Dolls and Generic Sex Dolls?

Beware who you get your beauty from.

We provide reputable brand name sex doll designers like WM, 6YE, SY, YL and DS. These are the highest quality sex dolls in the market and even though our Generic dolls are a great deal, if you're looking for quality and detail you will definitely want to get a designer doll.

Our generic sex dolls are perfect for starters, they very affordable and they can last 1-2 years with the proper care.

All of our factories use the latest eco-friendly material (TPE), they work with an advanced production process, making the doll's skin smooth and delicate providing an ultra-realistic look and skin like feeling to the touch. The dolls are built from a steel articulated skeleton. 

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WM Doll:

was the first worldwide Succesful Chinese Sex Doll Designer. They make new bodies and faces frequently, with its most innovative and commercially successful designs being often copied or re-interpreted by the competitors.

The rise of WM Dolls started in 2015 with the launch of the 3 most popular 100cm dolls Tina, Lucy and Alex, still today among the world’s bestselling mini-dolls. 

YL Doll:

When it comes to buying a sex toy of any sort, you always want some variety before choosing what to buy. For YL Sex Doll collection, this variety is taken to a whole new level. You have lots of character dolls and facial preferences to choose from. YL love dolls are hand sculpted by professionals who put in a lot of time to bring out every detail. 

Brand Vs Generic

6YE Doll:

Offers a wide range of love dolls, from 68 to 165cm. The first manufacturer to launch an African doll, 6YEDoll delights idolators with its busty dolls featuring innocent faces and long legs. The 132cm doll weighs just 15kg.

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SY Doll:

Is one of the Newest Real Sex Doll Designers. Their quality is competitive and their prices are very affordable. 


All materials complied with the National Health & Safety Standards, they are harmless to human and environment-friendly.


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