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Are you looking to customize your sex doll?

Let's Play!

Follow these steps.

1. Select her body type.

2. Choose the head/face you like.    

3. Choose your sex dolls skin color.   

4. Choose the eye color.  

5. Choose your sex dolls hairstyle.    

6. Would you like a fixed or removable vagina.

7. Choose whether you would like regular feet or stand-up-feet. 

8. Contact us at the Chat Window or at to request your invoice.


I'd like The Shy Chic's 155cm body with Marilyn's face. Tanned Skin, Brown Eyes and Brown Long hairstyle. Stand up feet and fixed vagina.

Congratulations! You've just customized your very own sex doll and she is uniquely yours. Once your payment comes through your love doll goes into production! Soon, your doll will be arriving at your doorstep and you can live happily fucking after!!  


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